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Click for Man, West Virginia Forecast

I've been wanting to develop this page for sometime now and this is the day! The town of Man and surrounding area has been evolving rapidly in the last two years, now seems a good time to update all you stray Hillbillies out there. Check out the recent pics of life in the fast lane.
This pic of the Guyandotte River was shot at Paradise Island, just south of Christian Grade School.

This is a recent pic of the Old #5 Tipple at Three Forks, just above where the dam broke 30 years ago.

This beautiful waterfall is a spot just below the dam, heading toward Pardee Isn't West Virginia's beauty a well-kept secret? We should do something about that!!


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Here's a little chat room just for all us lonesome Hillbillies, sign in and see if anyone else is around. Hey, be creative and arrange to meet some old friends in this chatroom, just send them my page and tell them when you will be available to chat. I drop in and out on occassion too, and would love to say HI.

This is just a fun page, here to entertain - - me as well as you!
Stop by and visit again soon!

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